I recently had the pleasure of hosting a cookie decorating class for kids, ages 7-12, at our local library. The Charlton Public Library is one of my favorite places to visit with my own kids, so I was thrilled to be part of their wonderful free programming.

The theme was Halloween and we made several different cookies, including spiderwebs & pumpkins. We had piping bags & icing bottles in various colors,  sprinkles, edible markers and stencils to enhance our cookie designs.

I cannot say enough nice things about this great group of kids. They were so attentive, and really concentrated on their cookie designs. And it showed. Their final cookies were AWESOME and it was amazing to see all their creative works of cookie art!

Each child brought home their own box of cookie treats, decorated with Halloween stickers. They were so proud to show their parents what they had made.

Stay tuned for more cookie decorating classes in the near future!

The end of summer marked BIG changes for our family this year. For the first time, we were getting ready for school! Yep, my oldest was off to kindergarten this fall, and we were both a little nervous and excited.

To help ease those first day of school jitters, I thought it'd be fun to gather up some friends that were heading to kindy too. We drew up a list of names of preschool pals and friends from town, as well as friends of friends that we had not yet met. The plan was to host a casual playdate where the kids could introduce and re-aquaint with each other before the big day. 

I purchased some clip art and made up this invitation, which was sent via e-mail. It didn't take long to start getting enthusiastic responses from all the parents about our party. About a dozen kids, plus siblings & parents, were able to make it, so we started right on the little details.

There was an abundance of "back to school" decorations & supplies available this time of year, most of which were found at places like The Dollar Store and Christmas Tree Shops. We picked some summer supplies on clearance, such as a lemonade dispenser and colorful plastic (reusable) cups. We put together goody bags with crayons, bookmarks & giant crayola books. And of course, we made cookies. Cute little cookies that looked like lined paper.

After a brief rain shower early in the day {patio cushions brought in, patio cushions put out, repeat}, we set up outside for our party. The guests came and played, and it was wonderful to see ALL of the kids interacting with each other throughout the afternoon. While the moms commiserated over our babies going to kindergarten, the kids were busy running around and making friends.

My hope was that my son would find comfort in seeing a familiar face when getting on the bus or walking down those big hallways for the first time. Someone to play with at recess or sit next to at the lunch table. 

Let's be honest, maybe I'm the one that needed the comfort. 

Either way, just a couple weeks later, my boy got on that big yellow bus and gave me a smile and a wave.....{sob}

Our cookies were recently included in two summer parties this year created by Pretty Little Design Co. and photographed by Audan's Photo Box by Trish DeFilippo.              
Both companies are local to us, and we were excited to be part of this collaboration of creativity!

The first was a "Splish Splash Elmo" party for a sweet 2 year old. She was decked out in her Elmo bathing suit ready for the fun!
The second was a colorful rainbow/ tie dye birthday party complete with a beautiful dessert table, candy, fun straws & more. You can see more detailed of this party blogged here.
We're looking forward to more awesome parties with Pretty Little Design Co. and Audan's Photo Box, and being able to share them with you!
It’s interesting  to see old styles becoming new again. Walk into any clothing store and you’ll clearly see that the 80s are back. *gasp*

But when it comes to kids' birthday parties, it looks like we’re going even further back. Try the ‘50s. Our new poodle skirt cookies are quickly becoming a popular choice for little girls’ birthday parties.  And I don’t see why not. What little girl doesn’t look adorable in a poodle skirt? Add some milkshakes, put on a record, and you’ve got yourself a sock-hopping little party!

Who doesn't like pizza? And pizza cookies? Even better.

Packaged up in real pizza boxes, these cookie pizzas surprised and delighted a group of preschoolers for their recent read-a-thon pizza party.

What "toppings" would you choose?
Thanks for stopping by our page. We're going to have a lot of new stuff going on in 2012 and wanted to make sure we had a place to tell you about it. We used to have a blog here: www.cornerhousecookies.blogspot.com, but we figured, why not have one right here on our own page instead?
Seriously, we're super excited for the things that will be happening this year, and hope you stop by often to check us out.
Speaking of starting out, we thought our first post could be about 1st birthdays. More specifically, Maddie's first birthday.
You see, her dad wanted super hero cookies for his little girl's big day. You know, superman, batman and the like. Mom wanted polka dot cupcakes. Guess who won??
But we try to make everyone happy here at Corner House Cookies. So we put in some extras for dad.
From the looks of it, Maddie was the happiest of all. Happy 1st Birthday, Maddie!